Friday, February 26, 2010

mo belly mo belly mo belly!!

One of my favorite things about being a Wedding Photographer is becoming "The Family Photographer"!

Beth and Matt were married in 2008 at the beautiful Cornerstone Gardens. Now they are pregnant and they invited ME (!) to their beautiful home to take some Maternity Photos...
It was so awesome to see them as always, and I sooooo can't wait to meet the new baby!  Patience, I have been told, is a virtue.  Hmph.

It was great having Matt there to hop into the photos.  
It often helps to have your partner there with you to make you feel more comfortable during the shoot.  They also make great assistants!  ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its been too long...

Okay okay... I know. bad form.  It has been too long since my last blog... As you can tell I am working on a whole new identity, plus (+) I did spend a month traveling in Vietnam (I promise I will have some photos very very soon....)

For now you will have to settle for photos of one of my favorite babies on earth!!! Enjoy!