Friday, September 11, 2009

Tips for a fun Engagement Session

Ha!! Its been so long since I've blogged... Its been a crazy lovely summer... so here is a new post to get things going... then i may have to start blogging backwards while standing on my head. Its gonna be difficult... but I think I can manage :)

I shot this engagement session with Shanon & Dan the other day in an alley in the Mission District of San Francisco. They have a personal connection to the art in the alley, and they brought their bikes, probably because that is how they get around the city... and they served as a great prop. An engagement session should be a good time. So if you are a little nervous about being photographed, its always good to

a) dress comfortably in clothes that make you feel like a million bucks
b) when in doubt bring a prop.. After a few minutes in the spotlight, it gets easier, but its nice to have something to hold onto....

c)have fun. and don't take it too seriously. The best photos happen when you are having fun and not thinking too much about the process... :)

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