Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I wish I were from India....

I spent 7 months in India a few years ago, and everything about it made an impression on me.
This weekend's wedding brought me back... So amazing to get to partake....

There were so many different parts to the ritual, and I was only there for such a small part of the festivities.... one of my favorites is the Baraat- Baraat is Hindi for a marriage procession. In north Indian communities it is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the bride's house on a horse, accompanied by his family members.The baraat reaches the meeting point, where the elders of both the families meet and welcome the groom with garlands and aarati.

Often at wedding receptions I use a long lens and try to stay out of the way. On Sunday it was really important to just get right in there, and join in the festivities. Everyone was so welcoming- I felt like part of the party!!!

The ceremony was fantastic...

I'm not sure any more words are necessary at this point... I can pretty much let the colors and emotions speak for themselves...


  1. Beautiful thank you. It is great to see clever pictures. Well done and thank you.

  2. You're such a talent! I love these!

  3. what a *beautiful* wedding! and made all the more beautiful by your ability to capture it... your photos are such a gift, adi!